Quick Update

Hi Guys and Gals

Hope you all are enjoying A Final Portrait, and if you haven’t checked it out yet you can download it for free on this site. Just thought I’d post a quick update on what’s coming up.

If you didn’t notice from the ending of AFP, Daniel Roth will be continuing his adventures in the near future, so stay tuned for the date of his next adventure. However before he makes his return there should be another character popping up on the radar shortly in about a month or two. I understand this is rather like an announcement of an announcement but hopefully you’ll be able to bear with it. The audiobook version of AFP is coming along slowly and I should have more to say about that in a few weeks.

Also, in case you are interested in the progress of Legends of Eisenwald you should check out their Twitter. We had a great first impressions video from Ryan Letourneau which you should have a look at if that interests you.

Following on, some news in the literary department. Two great writers, Lucas Di Quinzio and Kezia Lubanszky are starting up a online literary journal for emerging writers. You should check the Morning Bell on Twitter. Filling the world with beautiful writing never seems like a bad idea!

As always keep writing, keep reading and keep playing along!


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